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Investment Structuring

Buying an investment property?  Investing in some shares?  Acquiring an interest in a business?  Making your investment in the right structure is crucial to ensuring you achieve your long-term goals in the most effective and efficient manner.  Should you use a trust or a company?  Sole trader or partnership?  Joint tenants or tenants-in-common?  What about self-managed superannuation?  Our extensive experience with all varieties of structures enables us to offer the right advice to suit your individual situation. The right structure should take many issues into consideration including but not limited to:

  • Existing assets of the client group
  • Risk and asset protection
  • Income tax consequences and access to benefit of any tax losses
  • Capital gains tax issues and access to the CGT concessions
  • Desired flow of any income and capital
  • Setup and ongoing compliance costs
  • Ease of administration
  • Stamp duty and land tax issues
  • Family situation and any potential family law issues
  • Estate & succession planning and flexibility of restructure if circumstances change

Contact us today to ensure your investment is acquired in the right structure for your circumstances!

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