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Advantages of Self-Managed Superannuation

Managing your own superannuation has become extremely popular in Australia and there are many reasons why.  Superannuation regulations are very complex, but a basic summary of the main advantages would include: 

  • Significant tax concessions
    • Tax-deductible contributions and pre-retirement earnings within the fund are taxed at 15%
    • Once you have retired or turned 65 all earnings within the fund are tax-free
    • Once you have turned 60 all drawings from the fund are tax-free
  • The ability to borrow within your self-managed superfund to invest and access potentially greater returns.  Many people utilise this leverage concession to invest in property 
  • Greater control over your investment portfolio
  • Greater control over your retirement income
  • Can be more economical than paying a public superfund percentage fees for larger accounts

However, there are some disadvantages and a self-managed superannuation fund may not be right for your circumstances.  

AKJB Accountants & Business Advisors we can provide all the information you need to determine whether self-managed superannuation would be beneficial for you. 

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